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Data Security Management: An Easy Solution To Prevent Data Breaching

Data security management is the way to secure key data from leakage on the Internet. Due to the global pandemic, millions of people use the Internet to work from home. It also allows companies to market their services globally. According to recent studies, the average cost per data breach is around $5 million.

This threat causes several risks to the global network. The reason for this breach is the indulgence of hackers. It becomes more vital to secure your data like never before. Data security secures a person’s or company’s data from hackers and viruses. Today, we talk about data security management and how to use it to protect your data.

What Is Data Security Management?

Data security management is the process of maintaining data security. The goal of this process is to keep data safe from illegal access. It is focused on protecting the secret info of firms.

This process involves the techniques of creating security standards and policies. It is the secure management of data by finding security threats and risks. Data can be raw, from personal files to the company’s property. To manage this raw data, various companies use data security methods.

Difference Between Data Security And Data Privacy

You may confuse these two terms whenever you see these in your daily life. There is a difference between data security and data privacy. Let’s see the basic difference you need to understand between these two terms.

Data security is the process of ensuring data safety, whereas data privacy is ensuring the privacy of the data. These terms are linked but have a huge difference in protecting the info.   

Data Security  

Data security has different techniques in securing the data than data privacy. This strategy is used to secure the firm’s data security strategy. It focuses on protecting the info from any malicious action.  

Data Privacy 

Data privacy protects the data that can be shared with a third party. It ensures that anyone who tries to access this data must be certified. Access to the data is only given to authorized users. For example, encryption is the best practice in data privacy.     

Different Data Security Threats   

When your data is on the Internet, there are huge chances of a data breach. Data security threats are why data security management is key for firms. The threats are constantly increasing every day. Your single mistake can cost you information leakage on the Internet. Here are some of the threats you need to be aware of.

Anonymous Hackers

The hacker is a term used for the people who attack the people’s info. These are the people who target the informational data of your system. These hackers can easily hack your OS by injecting various viruses in the form of files and programs. 

They target the specific location and data used in the future during the process. If you don’t have good data security management, then there are huge chances of your info being used by another person.   

Accidental Data Leak

The common cause of information leakage on the Internet is accidental leakage. A large percentage of a data breach results from a lack of alertness toward your personal info. It can happen if the people in the firm mishandle sensitive data by sharing it with anyone. As a result, the data breach happened due to the absence of proper data security management.

Malware Attacks

These attacks are common data threats that can be noticed every day. Malware is software that intends to harm computer programs. They are sent in the form of files to gain illegal access to the info.

It is also known as a virus that infects one computer in simple language. The biggest threat is that it can infect other computers by quickly forming a network. The various forms of malware are spyware, trojan horses, and worms.

Ransomware Attack

A Ransomware attack is the biggest data threat that mostly impacts the company’s data. It affects the corporate devices because of the lack of data security management. This attack can result in a serious data breach. The Ransomware attack infects even the encrypted data and makes it useless in the future. Various hackers used to ask for money in exchange for the decryption key. In most cases, the data is lost even after getting the decryption key.

Phishing Attack

These attacks can take place in the form of social engineering techniques. The purpose of these attacks is to make the users open the emails. The various viruses and malicious software are sent in the form of attachments. Once users open such emails, their data leaks easily.

Data Security Standards (DSS)

Data security standards are rules every company needs to follow. Whenever any firm collects the data or info, it becomes fit for various security standards. Data security standards ensure that people can use the various services with confidence.

These security standards become key for the companies who accept the payment info from their customers. DSS requires that the firms accept the general security needs to protect the user data. Data Security Standards need to follow vital standards before collecting users’ data.

Common Data Security Solution To Stop A Data Breach

Data security management is the technique people should use to stop data breaches. As a company, it’s our utmost duty to protect customers’ data. Various data security solutions can improve your data security.

Data Masking

Data masking is the technique of creating a different version of your data. This data is used for training and software testing. This data version is different from the real one and provides an alternative to the real data. The data masking in data security management changes the values of personal data.

The type of data info remains the same as well as real in the method. Various processes like encryption, word substitution, and shuffling are used to provide masking to the data.

Data Loss Prevention

It is the process of preventing data loss by taking different measures. Firms use data backups, physical redundancy, and software setup techniques. The software expert in data security management checks sensitive data and gives alerts from time to time.

Authentication Process

This process is another way to protect your info against data breaches. In this method, various firms use the 2FA methods to give access to sensitive data. It is the most common data security solution used to protect info.

Antivirus Installation

Malicious malware is a common form of attack on data. Protecting key workstations, data storage servers, and cloud systems with Anti-Malware software is vital. The servers and system’s protection can be provided by installing the Antivirus software. This software provides endpoint data threat protection and secures your systems from any cyber attack.


Firewalls are an easy way to access authorized traffic on your network. It is installed to filter the fake traffic from accessing your personal info and data. Also, a firewall sets a barrier between the internal and public networks of the company.


In conclusion, with the increase in cybercrimes, data security management has become a need for everyone. Today, the Internet is full of malicious programs and hackers which target the server and systems. Your data can leak in a few seconds if you don’t have a data security solution. 

There is a need to implement strict data security standards for companies. In order to protect customer and company data, various security measures are key. The info mentioned above helps you understand the data security, threats, and other solutions to protect against data threats. As a user of the Internet, you have to protect your data by following various data security measures.

Yahmah Network offers the next level of data security management to firms. Our secure set codes assure your data privacy even on a complex network. Our services are designed to secure your info at any cost. To protect your data, contact us now.

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