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Simple Ways To Earn A Small Business Sponsorship For A Brand

Small business sponsorship is a great way of additional revenue and network in the modern world. It is a lifeline for businesses that don’t have the resources. Every small business needs revenue to sustain itself in the competitive world. These small companies rely on the sales of their products and services as the primary income source.

Small business promotion is the mutual commitment to work in the same direction and goals. Small brands got this sponsorship in exchange for a financial commitment from the corporate sponsors. These types of sponsorships have been growing every year.

Various small businesses take advantage of sponsorship to scale and network with leaders in the industry. According to research, companies spent almost $17 Billion on sponsorship in 2021. So, how can you earn small business sponsorship in 2022 for your business? In this post, we will tell you the smart ways to earn business sponsorship for your brand.

Create A Plan 

To get the small business sponsorship, you need to create an action plan that aligns with the value of the sponsors. This action plan defines the picture of the next ten years and how your business brings the change that supports the sponsor’s corporation. 

Choose the small business sponsors in your industry who understand your business goals. Moreover, your plan should clearly describe what benefits corporate sponsors get after sponsoring your business.

Know Your Sponsors

To earn a small business sponsorship, you should know which corporate companies to look for. Most companies are interested in reaching their customers in a shorter time period. Knowing your sponsors and their needs from your market can create a high chance of getting sponsorship. 

The better you have the demographic data of their customers, the easier you find your desired corporate sponsors. Once you have all these details, start researching the companies that want to reach these target audiences. 

Write A Business Sponsorship Proposal

Write a clear business sponsorship proposal that explains what you offer to sponsors. Don’t explain your products or services in the tiny business sponsorship proposal. You should explain how your business supports its business goals in the future. Also, include your plan to reach their target audience with your underground strategies.

Ask For Your Worth

To get the right small business sponsorship, you should know the worth of your business. Many small businesses ask for lesser money in exchange for the value they provide to these big corporations. Always know you are worthwhile asking for business sponsorship. You will give them direct access to the customers they want to reach. Don’t ask for a lesser amount than you deserve for the sponsorship.

Provide Additional Benefits 

Include additional benefits and perks in your business sponsorship proposal to get the small business sponsorship. As a small business, you can offer various bonuses to these big corporations. The additional benefits increase the chances of getting sponsorship from big corporate sponsors. These extra perks include promoting their businesses in Seminars, Workshops, and Digital Campaigns.

Follow Up With Your Sponsors

Many times your small business sponsorship proposal may get ignored or misplaced. Corporate executives have a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to read every sponsorship proposal. If you don’t receive the answer from the sponsors on your proposal, don’t forget to follow up. 

You can send a follow-up mail or schedule a meeting with the corporation’s executive. Many small businesses lose the sponsorship because they don’t follow up after sending the business sponsorship proposal.

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How To Write A Small Business Sponsorship Proposal?

An excellent business sponsorship proposal can get you sponsorship 10X more than an ordinary proposal. Most businesses are getting rejected for sponsorship due to lousy business proposal writing for small business sponsorship.

If you struggle with how to write a business proposal that earns you a sponsorship for your business. Then, look at the steps discussed below.

Describe Your Business

The primary step in any small business sponsorship proposal is introducing a business. This step is the first impression of your business in the eyes of sponsors. Tell about your small business, the things you sell, and your goals. Share your business story, passion, and how you bring change to people’s lives. Make sure to include the story that sponsors can relate to their businesses. 

Know Whom To Ask

Don’t ask from everyone; ask from a specific group of people. Your proposal should communicate with your sponsor, not to everyone. The best way to establish a human connection is to write like you talk face-to-face. Imagine having your sponsor before you and writing a simple and clear proposal. Writing for a group of people means writing for no one.

Know What To Ask 

Once you have your sponsor in front of your proposal, the next step is to ask what you want for your small business. Before writing this part, research the various things you need from corporate sponsors. Before sending a final draft, create a list of things and services you want in a sponsorship proposal.

Build A Trust

Once you have specific things to ask for, the next step is to build trust in the eyes of sponsors. Why should they trust your small business for sponsorship? Here, your goal should be to establish trust between a corporation and your company.

Show them the results your business will give them in the next few years. During this step, don’t make a promise for long-term results. e.g., increase 30% sales in next year.

Call To Action & Salutation

At the end of your small business sponsorship proposal, include a clear call to action. This element is the most important in any sponsorship proposal. It tells your sponsor what to do next. Write how you want your sponsor to proceed. Maybe it will be a meeting or a reply to an email. Once you have a clear call to action, end your business sponsorship proposal with a warm salutation.

Benefits Of Small Business Sponsorship

Many small businesses convince themselves not to go with the business sponsorship. Due to this, they struggle financially. There are enormous benefits of small business sponsorships. Here is the list of the benefits of small business sponsorship for brands.

Brand Exposure

The big benefit small businesses enjoy after getting a sponsorship is brand exposure. Once a big corporation has sponsored your business, your small brand gets exposure in front of your customers. This recognition also helps your brands to reach new customers.

Establish New Connection

With the sponsorship, you will connect with new-minded people. Many small businesses get a chance for networking opportunities with other corporations. As a result, small businesses got new trade opportunities as well.

Increases Credibility

Small business sponsorship increases the credibility of your business among your target audience. Once you are tied with any big corporation through sponsorship, your company gets credibility in the competitive market.


Small business sponsorship can boost the tiny brands in a competitive market. Although, it looks hard for a business to land a good sponsorship. There are simple ways to earn a business sponsorship in 2022. Having the right business proposal blueprint can help you get the sponsorship quickly.

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