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Learn The Basics Of Targeted Email Marketing To Get Higher ROI

Emails are old school, but email marketing is not. Email marketing is one of the biggest forces in all forms of marketing in the digital age. Targeted email marketing is just as popular as it was several decades ago. And this shouldn’t be surprising as 99% of people out of a hundred still log into their email accounts daily. At the same time, email marketing is highly effective because people who engage through them spend 138% more time than those who do not receive those emails. Astonishingly, personalized emails get even more engagement and have the highest ROI. The conversion rates of personalized emails in email marketing are 6× higher than the non-personalized emails. Therefore, it is safe to say that personalized emails are a crucial part of targeted emails

If you are on this page, you probably want to learn more about targeted email marketing. And it all comes down to three questions: 

  • What is targeted email marketing? 
  • Why should businesses and brands do it? 
  • And How to do it?  

We shall discuss the answer to these questions in detail and learn the six important stepping stones required for targeted email marketing.

Back To The Basics: Targeted Email Marketing

Before we get into the science of email marketing, it is important to understand the basics. In simple words, email marketing is a strategy that sends personalized content in the form of emails to potential customers’ inboxes. It happens at the right time, and it may cover the suggestions for a thing your customers might already be searching on google. Arguably, it is an art because a business does not always know what a customer wants at a given time. However, loyalty programs and analytics tools give the marketers some clues that make the rest of the magic flow.

Why Should You Opt For Targeted Email Marketing?

Targeted email marketing targets people of all gender, ages, sex, and interests specifically. Not only that, but it also targets and portrays some special occasions and events to the potential leads. For example, You have a clothing brand that sells personalized t-shirts, and a girl named Shelly is your potential customer. Shelly is a high school student who likes to participate in rallies and marches for a good cause. She is searching for a specific t-shirt that says, “black lives matter.” If you want Shelly to buy your customized t-shirt, you will show her your outfits and t-shirt options using targeted email marketing. If the email is personalized to Shelly’s needs and choices, it would be a cherry on the cake. 

Consequently, there’s a very big probability that Shelly would open the mail and visit your online store to check out your products. That is the benefit of personalized, targeted email marketing. In the same way, you can do brand awareness, engage with the audience, increase your sales, and receive a higher ROI for emails. 

6 Detailed Steps To Execute Targeted Email Marketing

There’s only one reason why brands and businesses don’t do targeted email marketing. It is a complex process that requires a lot of consumer information in the same place. And not everyone can prepare catchy personalized emails that win a lot of attention. But, various tools and agencies can help you organize all the information. Also, these tools help you deliver your message in a chocolate-wrapped way.

Choose The Right Email Marketing B2B Service 

Targeted email marketing is tricky if you do not have the right tools. An essential tool for email marketing is the software that plans the layout for you and allows you to send it to multiple people at once. You will pay a monthly fee for the tool if you do the marketing yourself. We are persuading you to use the right tools because it is the major step in email marketing. However, if you have picked a freelancer or an agency, ensure that they use the correct tools to convey your message. If they don’t, then you will know you have to switch.

Integrate The Right Technology

Even the best tools fail when you don’t give them the right chance to work. When doing targeted email marketing, you must be careful with what information you put into the system. Wrong information, such as contacts, can result in poor targeting, and your efforts will fail. The best way to protect yourself from this situation is to use a useful program and integrate it with your email software. Never buy emails from self-proclaimed networkers, as those emails can be fake and discarded. 

Moreover, you can use landing pages and web forms on your websites to get authentic emails. One advantage of doing so is that the people who fill in the forms are naturally interested in becoming subscribers. Furthermore, know your audience. For example, knowing your audience loves burgers doesn’t help you win their attention. Be specific and find out what kind of burgers they like. Use customer management tools, customer demographic tools, and website cookies to learn more about your audience. 

Gather The Necessary Information

You should have all the necessary information about your customers. And that customer information should be complete and true, including name, location, gender, and preferences. Also, you might need information and feedback regarding your products and services, customers’ purchasing history, lead source, and intent. However, email marketing b2b has its requirements. You may need complete information about the business you are targeting, for example, its location, customers, products, services, and what you can pitch to them to help them. 

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Create Automated Email Campaigns 

After gathering all the customer information, creating targeted emails is simple. You will write different emails for various segments of your customer’s life. Effective labeling and tagging of customers help decide who to send the message to. There is a technique for targeted email campaigns, as often they are sent and focused on the following targets:

  • Targeting by Location
  • Knowing the Preferences
  • Targeting by Behavior
  • Knowing the Customer’s Lifecycle 

Create Email Consents

Honestly, we wouldn’t want someone to spam our email mailbox. Useless emails take up a lot of space in the inbox. Most people don’t even see the email before opening it and go, ‘select all- delete .’ Isn’t that a waste of time? Moreover, your purpose can be for email marketing b2b, but it may reach an individual with nothing to do with B2B. Create a consent on your mail and allow the members to unsubscribe from you if they don’t want it. 

Consequently, it will create a good reputation for your brand or business. Additionally, keep your message cut to the chase, short and simple. Remember that timing matters, and try to be creative. If you have hired an agency to do your targeted email marketing, then brief them about all the details. 

Use Ab Test And Measure Your Targeted Emails

Finally, testing and analysis are the right way to master targeted email marketing. Be open to the trends, and find what works for you, terms such as click, subscribe, purchase, etc. Or, what is your audience likes, whether they are gifs, images, videos, memes, etc.; once you find out, try to include more of that in your blog. 

Last Words Of Advice

Armed with all this information, you are all set to make adjustments for your future email campaigns. For brands and organizations, B2B and B2C targeted email campaigns are working all these days. With the advent of smartphones, opening emails have become frequent, handy, and flexible. Every moment is an opportunity to sell a product or service. Even if they don’t buy the product or service immediately, the content is going in their subconscious minds, so your effort will not get wasted. Work smarter and use targeted email marketing

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